Media Revisted SEPTEMBER 20, 2015

Joann Wells

The Power of the Media Revisited

September 20, 2015

The first blog I created was about Do Black Lives Matter and you want to know if my views have changed, and my answer to the question is I am really not sure. I have not given it much thought. I do know that all lives do matter and I don’t want to put one life above another life, but there is so much hype and stereotype concerning the topic and the media has played their part in it.

Becoming “media literate” can really reduce the potential for content consumers to be influenced because writer can understand, access, analyze, evaluate, and create media. The literate writer can receive messages from sources like television, radio, internet, newspapers, books, and magazines (Livingstone, 2004). There are many forms of media where there will be no second guessing.

When writers write and then publish their words are going viral spreading propaganda or truth everywhere and no matter what they have published someone somewhere is going to react whether it be in a terrified or calm fashion. We can hear a breaking news story on the television concerning a sudden outbreak, sometimes the writer will blow the story up so big and cause a panic attack and have people tripping and falling all over themselves, texting, tweeting, emailing people about a story that is not true.

There have been many people hurt and killed because someone wrote something about someone and it was not true. The same can be for writers. When a writer writes a story or blog and does not check to see if the story is true, it can cause all kinds of friction and chaos. So the correct thing to do is to be ethical and check your sources.

Livingstone, S. (2004). What is media literacy? Retrieved on September 20, 2015 from

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