Joann Wells

Best Practices

August 25, 2015

I believe in my opinion that the “best practices” you use when creating a blog is to think about what you are thinking about before you blog about anything or anyone. Don’t just put down anything that comes to mind because you could offend someone, create a situation that could hurt someone’s feelings or create a backlash or even get someone hurt or killed. The role of a blogger carries with it a responsibility to be fair, honest, and respectful not only toward your fellow members of society but also toward fact (Morten, 2011). We have all heard the phrase “honesty is the best policy,” well that is true when you are blogging and anything else that would not only affect you but others also.

My blog has met “best practices” because I thought about what I was blogging about and just how it would sound to others because I would not want to offend anyone by what I have to say especially if it sounds stupid and angers someone or just did not make sense to me when I took a step back and read it. I know that not everyone is not going to agree with what I blog about, but at least I do try to step on anyone’s toes. I have been honest and I have used integrity, but if I was not either it was because I just did not know.

I have never blogged before I took this course, but I do believe that I could improve on my blogging by taking more time to read more and then while I’m reading I could try comprehending what I am reading so I could know just how well I am doing and get better at blogging.

I am not a blogger, but if there was an official “Blogger’s Code of Conduct,” yes I would definitely read it. I would read it so that I could understand just what the blogging is about, how important or not important blogging is? I would like to know if there is a certain way a person is suppose to blog, and why blog in the first place. I would follow the “Bloggers Code of Conduct” when blogging because I would not want to be looked upon as being unethical, being a person who cannot follow directions, and not being a team player.


Hendrickson, M. R., (2011). Code of Ethics for Bloggers, Social Media and Content Creators. Retrieved on August 25, 2015 from

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